Prospecting over the phone? Use the “3 prongs” method for more success

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It may come as no surprise that one of the methods I use most to prospect for new business is outbound calling.  After all, I do run a telemarketing business and, unlike some of those hypocritical folks that provide SEO/Social media services who state publicly that cold calling doesn’t work (as that would undermine the effectiveness of their own service offering) and then still using cold calling to generate business behind the scenes, I’m upfront about it, I KNOW that done correctly it works so, I use it for my business.

I wanted to share a process I follow when calling new business to promote our services, something I’ve inventively named the “3 prongs method”

This gives me 3x the chance of getting in touch with the relevant decision maker and helps to contribute to longer term chances of success as well as the here and now.

The “prongs” are:

1 Call the company – ask for the decision maker – if they’re available, great, do your pitch, impress, potentially get their business there and then

2 Email the decision maker – I’d suggest having a number of pre written email templates available – either in your email client or your CRM – then you can quickly change the relevant details and ping the email over

3 Using the email you’ve got for them – send them a linkedin connection request – ensuring you personalise the standard linkedin message.  We all know that the generic linkedin message looks lazy and disinterested and that’s not how you wish to come across I’m guessing.

If you want to add additional “prongs” to this, feel free – I’d suggest a follow up call/email if they don’t respond and, for any who you can’t get the email address for, send them an Inmail – again write some prewritten templates to save time

Out of the 3 prongs – the call is the most instant in terms of potential results but, as we all know, there’s no guarantee that individual will be there when you call.   The email may not get read unless you make it look informal and conversational – don’t send huge, wordy emails if you’ve not yet developed a conversation with that person – it won’t get read.

And as a final note, make sure the messages you send on linkedin (as well as the emails for that matter) convey several distinct benefits – give them a reason to want to respond.

I get enquiries coming in – and business resulting from them – years after I’ve made connections on Linkedin.  I still stand by the fact that it is one of the most useful lead generation platforms out there and, unless you take a paid membership (which I’d strongly advise), the basic membership is free!

And if you’re looking for a reliable, experienced and passionate outsourced telemarketing company to help drive more sales for your business – get in touch, we love to talk! 0330 20 50 500


Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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