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If you’re looking to target a prospect that works in a large, publicly known company, one of the first challenges you’ll often come up against is obtaining any phone number that doesn’t divert to a customer service line.

Big companies would rather not have to speak to the general public and often hide their numbers away, meaning your only route is to speak to a customer service or support representative.     Time consuming and exhausting for both parties.   You don’t want to have to explain the intricate details of your solution to them and they most definitely don’t want to have to listen to it.

The best you can do in that situation is to ask for a head office switchboard number and, all being well, your friendly customer service rep will give you the number you need and you’ll be on your way.

However, many companies have a policy of not giving out head office numbers and are often even less willing to pass on numbers of the regional office where your prospect may be based – if indeed they know the numbers in the first place.

So, a quick tip for you and I apologise to any overseas readers – haven’t had cause to explore whether there’s similar websites out there in the wider world.

Go onto www.saynoto0870.com – click on “search to find an alternative number” on the top left hand corner, pop in the name of the company you’re looking for and, providing there’s numbers listed, lots of helpful members of the public will have added additional numbers for various offices & departments.

Incidentally I’m not an affiliate of saynoto0870, it’s just a site I’ve used for a number of years and found to be extremely useful so I thought I’d share it with you, my cold calling warriors.

And if you need help with any aspects of sales and marketing for your business, do get in touch on 01384 566 078 – we love to talk!


Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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