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This kind of follows from one of my telemarketing blogs from earlier this year  “why there’s no bad days to do telemarketing calls” , all about how there’s a common misconception that there are “bad days” to make sales and marketing calls.

We’re coming up to the Christmas period – yes this is written in November but that’s how things are these days; the second Halloween and Bonfire night are out of the way, to quote Noddy Holder ITTTSSS, CHRISTMASSSSSSS….     Now I’m a fan of Christmas, it’s a great time of the year, food, drink & Michael Buble (he doesn’t come round, we just listen to his music) but the one thing that the Christmas period does bring is the yearly festive “slowdown”

That time of the year when, for no given reason, a huge portion of the working world decides to slow down – mainly because they think that everyone else has slowed down and this is no more apparent than in sales and marketing.

The whispers have already begun, rumours that “it’s not worth calling in December” are starting to circulate like wildfire due to this perception that, from December the first all workers in all companies are going to be down their local Wetherspoons, drowning in cut price booze.

If you’re offering anything of any worth, chances are you going to need to speak to more senior members of staff than those down the Wetherspoons – they’ll be at work, at their desk as they’re less likely to be called off into meetings around the country or dealing with as heavy a workload

When you get through to them, which you’re more likely to do as the receptionist will be in a more relaxed and friendly frame of mind (apart from being disappointed at not being invited to Wetherspoons), the prospect will be happier to talk for the same reasons (probably didn’t want to go to Wetherspoons anyway)

Their diary will be clearer for January so you’ll be more likely to get a meeting

It’s easy to think of reasons not to do something, particularly when it comes to making cold calls but the only way you’re going to achieve is through ACTION

Look for reasons to do it – December is a perfect time for making calls, take a month off and you’ll be quiet in January, catching up in January then just about starting to get busier again in February

Put in the work now and you’ll see the results in the new year, and beyond!

Happy calling!

Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
Unit K9 Cradley Enterprise Centre
Maypole Fields
B63 2QB
T:01384 566 078


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One thought on “Remember remember to still work in December

  1. Will

    Excellent Article Dan! Couldn’t agree more. Even if I get very little from my cold calling efforts in December, it’s a really good feeling to start off with some warm calling in January!

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