Sales Appointments versus Sales Pipelines


I run, in my own estimation (and hopefully in the estimation of our clients) a high quality, professional Telemarketing business.     I have purposely set out to ensure that we deliver every campaign we carry out with one focus in mind – getting results for our clients.    This doesn’t come easy – sales is an activity which takes time (and effort) to succeed in but, my intention is that with the detailed, consultative approach that we take, the brilliant Telemarketers I have on board and the various processes and systems we have in place, that we will always achieve what are clients are looking to achieve from our work

I’m fully aware that Telemarketing hasn’t got the greatest reputation – there’s an awful lot of cowboys out there who are more concerned with getting revenue from their clients than they are in getting results.   There’s a lot of call centre operations with banks of inexperienced, minimum wage Telemarketers burning through data and delivering cold, un-engaging (is that a word?) calls that do more to irritate than they do to contribute to the sales cycle.   That’s not how we operate.

Yes, we can’t “guarantee” results but, as I always say to any potential client of ours, we will agree on realistic targets and do everything we possibly can to ensure those targets are at the very least met, if not exceeded.    If we don’t meet those targets I will personally ensure we take every step to put that situation right.       One thing we can’t do though – and I’m amazed that any business can sustain itself with this model is offer our services on a commission only/paid on results basis.

If a business was taking on a salesperson – they’d expect to get a wage and they’d also be expected to take a minimum of 3 months before they start developing a quality pipeline and possibly even longer to meet their targets.  A business that can only pay it’s salespeople commission only is, in my mind, not a business worth working for.

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t because I don’t believe we can achieve the results a client is after, it’s because delivering an effective Telemarketing campaign takes time, it takes knowledge, it takes experience.     Working to a day rate ensures I can attract quality, experienced Telemarketers who have the skills to be able to engage prospects and truly provide value to our clients businesses, it means I can take the time to gather useful, relevant information about our clients businesses and cover every possible angle to effectively sell their product or service.   This isn’t just a matter of “make a load of phone calls and hope for the best”   it’s a matter of taking the time to truly understand a clients offering, to develop a series of effective, thought provoking questions that get to the bottom of a clients problems and it’s about providing a viable, valuable solution to those problems.

I can understand why there’s concern as to whether clients are going to get a return on their investment – after all I run a small business myself and wouldn’t want to throw money away on something that I didn’t think was going to add value to my business.     If you’re sourcing a Telemarketing provider, ensure you’re looking for more than just “pay on results” as a well developed sales pipeline will give you far more long term value than a one off meeting.


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