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If you’re reading this article and live in the UK, or the US or, I believe Australia now, you’re most likely aware of the TV game show “The Chase”

For those of you that aren’t familiar with it – The Chase is a quiz show whereby a team consisting of 4 members of the public are pitted against a quizzing powerhouse (the chaser).    The chaser’s role is to answer more  questions correctly than the team and, in turn, prevent the team from winning the cash prize.

And, if you work in sales, you’re probably, unintentionally taking part in your own version of the chase, every single day.     Not competing against a quiz expert, more so competing with the time and attention of your prospects.

We all know the situation – you’ve met with a prospective client, had what you consider to be a brilliant, productive meeting, you send across your proposal and then, for days, weeks, months or even years on end, after phone calls, emails, messages you just can’t get a decision out of them.

You need that decision because, if the decision is positive, you’ll win a cash prize.  If it isn’t then at least you can spend your time focusing on prospects who are more likely to convert into customers.

So, how do you stop becoming a contestant on your own version of the chase?

It all starts from the first interaction you have with that prospect.      The more you qualify them at this early stage, the less likely you are to be having to chase them for an eternity just to get a decision.

Uncover what their true motive is – why are they coming to you? what are they looking to achieve?   Is cost the driver? service? your location?   Don’t assume you know what they want, even if they appear to be telling you.

Clarify any information you’re given – establish if they are actually the decision maker, if anyone else is involved in the final decision, what potential issues they may have in giving you the go ahead?  who else are they talking to? what’s the budget? timescale.  All the usual BANTS principles.

And agree on timescales – don’t end the call with “I’ll speak to you in a week or so”   get an exact date and time – and stick to it.  Make the prospect know how important their business is to you.

The bottom line – we all want to be helpful, we all want to be polite.  It may not seem natural to be clarifying so much information when all a prospect has done is show a tiny bit of interest in what you’re offering but, believe me, if you reduce the chase, the prospects that want to deal with you will respect that, as will your bank balance!

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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

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