Sales – it’s all about best case scenario


In sales – belief in your product/service is essential for success.    If you don’t believe that what you can offer will make improvements in the lives of your prospects then you might as well give up now and go home.

As an owner of a growing telemarketing business that has been in existence for four years, I’m responsible for selling our services to potential clients.  I’m also responsible for many other aspects of the business and, whilst I know that what we offer as a business can and does bring value to our clients, part of me, being the person that also is responsible for delivering the campaigns once we’ve won them, knows how hard I have to work to get things right.

So, despite my role being to focus on all the possible positive outcomes of our work, there’s always a little voice in my head, telling me to manage that clients expectations effectively so we not only win their business in the first place but also can keep that client if the outcome of the campaign isn’t quite what was expected.

That’s a real challenge and it’s one that surely is experienced by salespeople all over the world.    Typically though, a salesperson’s role will solely be to generate sales – once that contract is signed, it’s then down to the other colleagues in that business to deal with the process of effectively delivering the work.

But the fact remains that, even the most honest of sales people have to do an element of creating a picture of a best case scenario in the prospects mind.  If we follow steps A, B & C we will expect the results to be D.   This isn’t about being dishonest, it’s about stating your commitment to that prospect that, if they choose to do business with you, that your company will take all of the necessary steps to achieve the desired results.

No company is perfect, every company makes mistakes – as a salesperson it’s not in your best interest to focus on that, focus on the successes, focus on the many situations where things have gone to plan.    Develop a “success file” that documents all of the brilliant things you and your business have done for your clients, add to it when possible, read it every day and always sell on best case scenario.


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Dan Smith
Inspired Business Devleopment Ltd

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