Sales Prospecting? Get in the “Mate” zone

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I read a brilliant Zig Ziglar quote recently:

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you”

This reminded me of a term that used to get banded around a telesales team I was formerly part of – “The mate zone”.    The theory being that, if when you’re in the early stages of any sales interaction with a new prospect, there will hopefully come a point where that prospect feels comfortable enough with you to call you “mate” and, at that point, far more likely to listen to what you’ve got to say – and be willing to openly and honestly answer any questions you may ask.

From there, it’s just down to you to further build on that trust and follow an effective process to uncover needs, match solutions to problems and, ultimately, ask for their business.

I realise that there’s a very minor, tiny element of sexism in there (perhaps) as, it’s more likely (and this may be sexist in itself) that it would be a male that would use the term mate so I’m not sure if there’s a more feminine version of mate or even if it matters but, you get the idea.

Suspicions run high on a cold call, it takes time (usually) to build your own credibility within the conversation and to further reinforce that credibility as the relationship progresses so, if you can aim to get in the mate zone as a starting point, the rest will be more likely to fall into place.

But don’t call them mate until they’ve used the term first!  That would be over familiar and definitely get you a first class ticket out of the mate zone under most circumstances.

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Dan Smith
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