Sales Prospecting – it’s all about the future!

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Prospecting for new business is often one of the least enjoyable parts of the sales process.

Making those cold calls, sending out those introductory emails, knocking on doors, however you do it, it can be tiresome work.    It’s the part where you’re likely to face a lot of rejection, where you’re leaving countless voicemail messages and getting no responses back, where you’re spending time and energy writing emails which seemingly just get ignored.

Yes, there’ll be some glimmers of hope in there but, let’s face it, this is, for many, the hardest aspect of being in sales.

And, in turn, it’s often a part of the role that people put off doing.

Maybe you’re just not “in the mood” today.   Maybe you’d rather get on the phone to a happy customer and spend half an hour discussing your holiday plans, all the while fooling yourself that “it’s still work”

But prospecting isn’t just about what happens today, it’s about what you’re creating for the future.

It’s a VERY rare occasion that you’ll sign up a new customer from that initial interaction but, every customer you now have will, at some point have had an initial interaction with you.    There will have been a time where you were “in the mood” and made that initial cold call, sent that email, left that voicemail message.

And, over time, assuming those initial interactions have hit the spot, that relationship can be nurtured, you’ll prove that you’re a trusted person to do business with and, before you know it, terms are being signed and you’ve bagged yourself a sale.

The prospecting activity you put in TODAY will always be the starting point for securing those future customers.    Don’t put it off!

And, if you need help with any aspects of sales and marketing, give us a call at Inspired Business Development.  We’re friendly, helpful and very experienced in what we do and I’m sure we can help you too!

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