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“Sales – it’s a numbers game”  – now, unless you’re new to sales, this phrase will be one you’ve heard many times before.

Certainly with reference to selling over the phone it’s especially relevant, after all, without the numbers, you’ve got nobody to call.

But those aren’t the type of numbers we’re talking about here.  We’re talking about activity!

The fact of the matter is that, not matter how brilliant a salesperson you are, no matter how much you’ve studied and mastered your craft over the years, you will not be able to sell to everyone you speak to.

You may have the greatest product knowledge in your industry, you may know all of the best, most effective questioning techniques and be truly amazing at handling objections but not every prospect you contact will want to buy from you.

Experience tells you not to dwell on those “failed” calls and experience allows you to learn from the rejection and to hone and perfect your pitch.   Those learning experiences will help you to become a more effective sales person but, again, not everyone you reach out to will be interested in what you have to offer.

Furthermore, even when you get that initial interest, not every prospect you speak to will make the decision to go ahead.   Many prospects will tell you they’re interested and then mess you about when it comes to the stage of signing an agreement or string you along for months on end when all you need is a decision.

These are facts of the salesperson’s life and, aside from exercising closer control over your prospects, they’re all likely and, often inevitable.

But, out there, somewhere, waiting for your call is your ideal prospect.   They have the need, they have the authority, they have the budget.   Once you’ve signed them up, they’ll act as a model client should do and continue to bring you in additional revenue from now until the bovines return to their place of residence.

And the only way you’re going to find that prospect – by getting out there, putting your message out there, making new connections, making more calls, arranging more meetings, sending more emails.

They’re out there and more, focused, intelligent prospecting activity WILL find them.

Which goes back to the original statement – Sales, it’s a numbers game – even the greatest salesperson in the world wouldn’t disagree with that!

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