Salespeople – if they don’t perform, would you ever employ another one?

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Let’s say you run a business, or you’re the Sales Director/Manager of a business.     As with any business, your entire organisation depends on more sales coming in.    You may have good enough retention of your existing clients but, inevitably, you need more new business to help both sustain and grow the company.

Whilst you’ve been doing an awful lot of sales activity yourself in recent years, there’s been a thought developing inside your head that, to really help drive the growth of the company, you really need to employ a salesperson.

So, you come up with a job description, find the budget to pay for his/her wages for the next 3-6 months and either place an advert somewhere or potentially utilise the services of a recruitment agency.

Over the course of the coming weeks, you’ve interviewed many different candidates and, through a stringent selection process, decide upon one particular individual who, in your mind, fits the bill perfectly.

He/she starts in their new role, full of anticipation for what this new position will entail.  You provide a number of months of support, guidance and assistance but, after, say 5 months in the role, this new member of staff simply hasn’t brought in any new sales and, as a result, the tough decision is made to wave goodbye to them after a relatively short period of time.

Now, not only have you not brought in any new business over the last 5 months, you’re also several thousand pounds out of pocket, having paid this new starter 5 months worth of wages, as well as all of the time and energy that has been invested in training them.

Yet, you still need that new business so, would you now look to employ another salesperson to replace them?    In all likelihood, yes, because your business needs a salesperson so, you go through the whole process again, crossing your fingers, legs and whatever other extremities you can cross in the hope that, this time, things work out.

The reason I tell this story is that, time and time again, I talk to companies – often Sales Directors who, when I cover what our business offers, utter the words “we’ve tried telemarketing before and it doesn’t work”

It’s not the method, per say, it’s the company delivering the work, it’s the individual they had on the phone making the calls, it’s the process that company did or didn’t have in place for following up on the initial conversations they’ve had, it’s the ability of that company to realistically manage your expectations prior to starting the work.

After all, telemarketing is simply another sales and marketing channel – one which can equally work brilliantly as it can badly, depending on many different variables.

Just because telemarketing hasn’t worked on one occasion does not mean it won’t work at all – like your employed salesperson, pick the right one and telemarketing WILL work for your business

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Dan Smith
Inspired Business Development Ltd

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