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The Price is Right

So, come on down!  No, I’m not hosting a gameshow so, unfortunately reading this blog isn’t going to furnish you with a brand new fitted kitchen or a jetski.    Instead I’m going to give you some thoughts on why – despite the fact that it can be tempting – you should never sell on price alone.

From my experience – and this is a lesson I’ve learned more since running a  Telemarketing business – if a prospects main concern is what your product or service is going to cost, rather than what it’s going to do for them, then it’s most likely a sales conversation you should be walking away from.    I must admit I’ve been guilty of selling on price in the past, as I have been on discounting our rates to win business.  After all,  a sale is a sale, right?  Surely some business is better than no business at all – particularly as we’re only just coming out of the deepest recession I’ve seen during my working life.

I can honestly say –  bar a few exceptions –  that every new client I’ve won that has either opened the conversation with “what’s it going to cost” or driven me to the ground on price, has been far more trouble than they’re worth.  So, not only are we getting paid less than we rightly should be, we’re also putting in more time and effort to maintain that client.  Furthermore, as they’ve paid less they’ve often been less willing to listen to advice, less willing to take action when requested and less willing to take responsibility if things don’t quite meet their often unrealistic expectations.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you shouldn’t discount at all but first and foremost it should be your task as a salesperson to get the prospect to see the value in your offering.  After all, we’re in the business of getting results, of making peoples lives work more efficiently, of building value and trust.    Know why your product or service is great, know what it can do for people, know how you can enrich their lives.   Don’t undervalue yourself or your offering and, as long as you continue to focus on the benefits and truly deliver those benefits, price should never be an issue – quality will always win!

Happy calling!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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