5 reasons you should stand up when making sales calls


There are many tricks and methods that can be employed for helping you to be more confident when using the phone in a business environment but, for me I find that one of the most effective ways is to prise my butt off my nice comfy office chair and to stand up when I’m making calls.   I’m sure some of you feel incredibly self conscious when on the phone and probably dread the idea of the rest of your team hearing every word you’re saying but it’s not about them it’s about YOU and increasing your chances of success.   Who cares if your colleagues are listening to what you’re saying?  They should be on the phone themselves, not eavesdropping on you – ignore them!

It might be that your manager or team leader wants everyone to be beavering away in their workstation and likes everything to look neat and orderly – trust me, once they see the improvement in your phone manner and the inevitable improvement in your figures, they’ll be encouraging everyone to stand up when they’re on the phone.

So, here’s 5 reasons why you should be standing up when making sales calls

  1. Standing put less pressure on your diaphragm than sitting down – result, your voice will be clearer, the prospect will be more likely to understand what you’re saying, you can convey your brilliant sales pitch more clearly.  Smiles all round
  2. Psychologically you’ll feel more confident as your standing position will make you feel higher than the person you’re talking to – result, you feel more in control of the conversation and will be more able to guide the prospect towards a mutually acceptable position
  3. Your head will be in a more elevated position – if you’re sat, crunched over at your desk, reading through a script or poring over research notes etc, this again will come over in your voice.  Lifting your head, lifting your eyes, lifting your mouth results in a lifting of your voice and a lifting of your spirit.
  4. You’re more likely to adopt a normal pattern of conversation – if you’re stood up you can freely gesticulate (waving your arms about) – yes the prospect can’t see what you’re doing with your arms but freedom of movement mimics a normal face to face conversation – result, more natural speech patterns
  5. You’ll invigorate not only yourself but the rest of your team.  Sales needs energy, sales needs passion, sales needs enthusiasm.  Standing up creates natural energy and a vibrant, moving workforce will be far more likely to succeed.  Get moving, get selling!

I’m sure there’s sciency research out there to back this up, I’m just speaking from my own personal experience (whilst standing up)

So, in the words of Bob Marley, Get up – Stand up (I realise he was talking about rights rather than phone techniques but the sentiment is there!)

And if you need help with any aspect of sales and marketing calling, get in touch with us here at Inspired Business Development.  We’re great at what we do so let’s show you how great we are!

Happy calling! (whilst standing up)


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