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Using Cold Calling Scripts Effectively

The Script Band

I recently had a minor altercation with one of my twitter followers who took issue with one of the many tweets I send out with the hashtag #coldcallingtips.

Essentially, I put out a regular series of tweets, related to tips and advice for anyone making cold calls, to help motivate people and to give them the confidence & additional knowledge required to make effective telemarketing/telesales calls.  Both myself and Inspired Business Development have a huge amount of experience in this area so, both as a means to promote the business and in the spirit of sharing, these tweets are found to be very helpful for a large proportion of my followers.

One of these tweets was related to the use of scripts when delivering telemarketing campaigns – something along the lines of “write a script but don’t read it LEARN it”.

This particular follower took issue with this statement as, in his mind, you should never use scripts.  To be fair there are a lot of other telemarketing businesses who feel the same way, that having a script both takes the life and passion out of your voice but also can block you from hearing the answers a prospect gives and be able to adapt and progress the conversation accordingly.   Which I fully agree with.

However, my point is more around the understanding of the word “script”.  Yes, if you’re sitting there, with a printed piece of paper that says “good morning, my name is xxxx, can I speak to xxxx” please”  that call is going to be AWFUL.  Lifeless, dull, unengaging – not what you’re looking to achieve in any way.

Hence the fact of the statement – LEARN it!

If you’re in an employed role, having to make outbound calls, you’re selling that product or service day in, day out and, if you’re any good at your job (which hopefully you are), yes you wont’ need a script – you know and fully understand everything about your companies offering.

However, in the environment of an outsourced telemarketing provider, you’ll be selling numerous different solutions on behalf of numerous different clients and, in the early stages of a campaign, without some sort of guide to your calls, you’re going to come a cropper very early on in the conversation.   We’re all about giving ourselves and our clients the BEST possible chance of success so a detailed GUIDE to the call, rather than a script is absolutely essential in helping us to achieve this.

To be honest, we don’t even call it a script, we refer to it as a call guide.

So, yes, I agree with him, scripts are BAD but call guides are brilliant.   It was just easier to write the word script in my tweet rather than having to explain what a call guide is.

Cold calling of any kind can be one of the most challenging aspects of the sales process – if you feel you’d benefit from outsourcing this to a reliable, experienced and highly passionate bunch of mature salespeople, we’d love to show you what we can do!

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