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The positive side of man flu


I write this as I lie in bed, battling through what is commonly known in the UK as “man flu”. Essentially this is a generic term mainly used by the female of the species to belittle the severity of the common cold suffered by a man .

Yes I admit we don’t really help ourselves. You ladies tend to just get on with things whilst we languish in our beds, wallowing in a sea of snot and self pity. Blame our mothers for looking after us so very well when we were little or blame the fact that we just don’t cope with illness as well as you do. You’re probably right on both counts

On this occasion though I feel markedly worse than normal. What started as a mild cold last Thursday has now developed into a very painful and uncomfortable chest infection. My chest feels like there’s a baby alien waiting to burst out of it and my head feels like its been trampled on by a Ukrainian shot putter. I feel abysmal.

My job requires clarity of voice. Nobody wants to buy from someone that sounds like they’ve been gargling cat litter. I know, however that over the coming days, helped by the painkillers, honey, fruit and garlic I’ve been taking I will get gradually better. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be back to my usual energetic self- which brings me onto the positive side of all this miserableness

Don’t take your health for granted! Good health drives every single activity in your life. Look after your body, look after your mind and remember, no matter how brilliant you feel and no matter how brilliant your life is, it could all change in an instant

Bad as I may feel at the moment I know that when I’m back to normal health I’ll be ready to take on the world.

Watch out, this coughing, spluttering bag of mucus is coming for you, life!


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