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Iron Man – Business Lessons from Tony Stark



I took my son to see Iron Man 3 yesterday, had to go along on the first day of release, being the geek that I am and, to be honest I think I was looking forward to it more than my son was.

In essence, it was all I expected it to be; lots of explosions, lots of gadgets and technology and a ton of witty quips as well as brilliant performances from the cast – in particular Sir Ben Kingsley who was, surprisingly, hilarious.

Most importantly though, I have always had a tremendous amount of admiration for Robert Downey Juniors character, Iron Man himself, Tony Stark.

For those of you not in the know, Tony Stark is the Billionaire owner of Stark Industries – a huge company with some rather suspect interests in developing technology for warfare – essentially he’s a very rich arms dealer.  In some ways he’s a combination of Batman and James Bond with all of the best elements of both turned up to 11.   Despite finding himself in frequent danger, he always finds time for a humourous remark and never stops having fun, whether he’s zooming around the skies in his metal suit or being locked up and tortured in a cave in Afghanistan.

Without spoiling the plot too much, right at the end of the movie, when he’s lost his house, given ownership of his business to his girlfriend and has blown up all of his million dollar Iron man suits to save his relationship he is left with nothing but a trailer on the back of his expensive sports car which contains various fragments of what was formerly his workshop.

You know that, regardless of how little he is left with, how terrible his current plight may seem that, deep down, the passion he has for creativity and the faith he has in his own abilities to deliver the goods, he’ll be back on top in no time.

For me, that’s the big lesson to learn from Iron Man – however bad things get, however little you’re left with, as long as you’ve got belief in yourself you’ll be back on the road to success before you know it

So ask yourself the question “What would Tony Stark do?”



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