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Don’t accept a no from someone not authorised to give a yes



If you’re selling over the phone, be it for your business or on behalf of a client it’s essential that you get to talk to the right person.  Receptionists aren’t always willing to give out details of staff members; they’re usually bombarded with calls from salespeople flogging this, that and the other but if you’ve got the name of the person you need to talk to and you ask for them with an air of professionalism and purpose you’re far more likely to get put through.

So, how do you get their name?  If you’ve been lucky enough to obtain quality data you may well have their name already and there’s probably not much point in reading any further – on this occasion.

But, without that – utilise our old friend Google (other search engines are available!)

Type in the company name, copy their domain name in the search results, paste that back into google and add the job title of the person you’re looking for.  If it’s listed on their website, google will pick it up and will – if they’re social media savvy – list their name on Linkedin and possibly twitter and various less used websites – pinterest and all that google + business

You can also try going onto linkedin and use their advanced search tool.  You can narrow it down by company, name, location, sector, company size and a variety of other options of varying levels of usefulness.   Depending on your subscription to Linkedin the search results will bring up different levels of information – most notably with the free and cheaper versions of it, just their First name and initial of surname

Quick Linkedin tip to get round this – click on their name then go to the right lower side of the page where’s there’s a “people that viewed this profile also viewed….” section and click on the top person on that list.  When you get to their profile, click on the “people that viewed this profile, blah blah blah” section on their page and you often see the full name of the person you were originally looking for.   If not, repeat the exercise with one of the other contacts on there – I’d suggest a maximum of 3 other contacts.  If you don’t find their full name that way, have a look at their recommendations on their profile page, click through those.  Often you’ll find their full name listed on other peoples reciprocal recommendations.

Finally – have a look at the groups they’re a member of – if they’ve added to discussions, their full name will be on there.

I’d also highly recommend Jigsaw.Com – essentially it’s an editable directory of contacts, built up by salespeople.  You receive points for adding contacts that you’ve sourced yourself and can spend those points on buying contacts that you need.   There’s also an option to purchase credits which you can buy data with although personally I like the community spirit of everyone contributing.   You can also receive points for updating contacts so if, for example you call a company and find the person has left or changed roles, pop that in jigsaw and they’ll reward you with a shiny new decision maker.

As a Telemarketer I have to utilise every tool I have at my disposal and whilst there’s a tremendous amount that can be done over the phone on it’s own, it’s essential I increase my chances of success by using google and social media to get the information I need to succeed!

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