How Do We Work?

At our core, we’re a B2B Telemarketing company – day in, day out we generate leads, appointments and qualified sales opportunities for our clients through high volumes of targeted, intelligently delivered telephone calls.

In today’s business climate though, relying on the telephone alone is often not enough.

Prospects are frequently busy and not always available to take calls so, utilising a multi layered approach including calls, targeted email campaigns and even leafleting/postal campaigns in conjunction with inbound marketing methods such as SEO & Social Media, we have a wider variety of highly effective means of getting your message out to your potential customers.

If you already have contacts for us to approach then, fantastic. If not, we will help you to select the best data for the purpose and advise on the best way to target it, as well as ensuring compliance with stringent TPS (Telephone Preference Service) standards.

In terms of fees, there are two ways we can work:

Day Rate – we will agree on a set day rate and a length for the campaign as well as targets and key objectives.

Any opportunities that are generated will purely be for your company and, in addition to receiving full, detailed reporting on a weekly basis, you will receive a full export of the data set we’re working from, along with all call notes, follow up actions and any additional relevant information that will help you to develop those contacts and secure new sales opportunities.

Email marketing and web visitor analytics are included as part of this fully managed Telemarketing campaign.

For more information on how a dedicated Telemarketing campaign can drive new sales opportunities for your business, call us on 0330 20 50 500 or fill out our contact form

Pay per lead – You will only be charged for any qualified leads/opportunities that are generated, meaning there is a much lower financial risk to your business.

You can either pay up front to secure an agreed amount of leads over a set period or you can register your details on our suppliers database which requires no upfront payments and no further commitment from you other than to be willing to receive information on fully qualified sales leads from us.

We understand that, in today’s climate, marketing budgets are extremely precious so, as an established and trusted outsourced partner, Inspired Business Development will do all we can to ensure that our services become a valuable investment and not just a cost.

Call us today on 0330 20 50 500 or fill out our contact form to find out how we can help you to generate more sales.

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