Telemarketing integration

Integrated Telemarketing

As you can most likely guess from the company name, we’re a Telemarketing business.       Whenever I’m asked to explain exactly what that means, my standard response is “We make sales and marketing calls on behalf of other companies” which, in essence is correct.

However, I’m fully aware that word “Telemarketing” not only carries negative connotations with many but also that it doesn’t entirely reflect what we do as a business.

Yes, telephone calls are a huge part of it but, in today’s age, relying on only one channel for sales and marketing is no longer effective.    If you are to engage in a telemarketing campaign, it is vital to ensure that the calling forms part of a greater range of sales and marketing channels.

We have always done more than just call – we email, we research, we provide analytics, expertise and knowledge and therefore I’ve taken the decision to utilise the phrase “integrated telemarketing” when speaking to any potential new clients.

Yes this blog post kind of falls into the promotional category which I realise is a cardinal sin in the world of social media marketing but it’s rare I’ll purely sing from the rooftops how great we are so this I guess is a milder form of that.

We’re still a telemarketing company – just one that’s utilising a number of other effective methods to help generate new business for our clients.

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