There are no bears chasing you!


Picture of a grizzly bear

Unless you work in a job that involves close interaction with Bears, it’s unlikely, during the normal course of your day to day life that you’re going to be chased by bears.

That’s a given.

And, can also apply to Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Wolves, Herds of Elephants, in fact, most things that are renowned for chasing and killing their prey.

So you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Yet, often – maybe once a month, maybe once a week, possibly every minute of every day, we find ourselves in stressful situations, situations which cause our bodies – and minds – to react in exactly the same manner as if we were being hunted down by a predatory creature.

The “Fight or flight” mechanism – the result of us evolving from a time when our ancestors genuinely were chased by bears on a regular basis.   The mind causes you to prepare to either stand and fight or get on your heels and scarper.

Except there are no bears chasing you.    You may have financial pressures, stresses and problems at work, annoying arguments with colleagues, deadlines to work to, whatever it is, this fight or flight mechanism kicks in and, if it’s kicking in too regularly or to too much of an extreme, it will certainly harm your physical and mental health.

So remember, next time you’re freaking out over something that seems SO important and SO worthy of stressing yourself over – it may seem important, you may feel like you need to fight or run but, it’s not a matter of life or death.

There are no bears chasing you!

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Dan Smith

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