Twist in my sobriety

As we move ever swiftly into this year, the indulgences of the festive period are fast becoming a distant memory. Too many mince pies, an overabundance of turkey and certainly too much alcohol have all taken their toll on my waistline and, at times, the effectiveness of my role as a salesperson.

Whilst I’m not one for New Years resolutions I do feel that a new year is an excellent time for reflecting on the year gone by, for identifying and learning from past mistakes and putting into place the things that you have learned from those mistakes and, whilst I’m far from having what most people would call a drinking problem I do feel that I have finally learned that drinking and working just don’t mix.

Obviously it’s not a good idea to drink at work, particularly if you drive or operate heavy machinery for a living but, more specifically, I have finally grasped the true benefits of not drinking in the evenings on working nights.

I’m sleeping better, truly relaxing in the evenings and waking feeling refreshed and brimming with enthusiasm every morning.

This is being reflected in my working day- I’m finding that my work rates have greatly increased, I’m far more organised due to being so clear headed and conversations with clients and prospects are richer and more focused than ever before.

I’m sure much of this won’t come as any great revelation to many of you and I’m certainly not completely ruling out the odd tipple here and there but, for those of you that are still socialising during the week and drinking during that socialising – just give weekday sobriety a go for a couple of weeks and I’m convinced that you’ll find work far more enjoyable than before.

A large part of success in sales is down to being able to drive conversations, to ask the right questions in the right places, to truly listen to the replies and to offer solutions to problems which, on the surface may not seem immediately apparent to both parties.

A clear, fresh, sober mind will achieve this far better than one marred by the fog of booze then, when the weekend arrives you can get back on it and walk around like a zombie for two days, should you desire!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, sober and successful 2013!!!

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