Using audio books to train yourself in the car


Let me start by saying I have nothing against radio 2 or indeed against any other radio stations.  Personally I’ve not yet graduated to radio 4 (I’m 40 next year so maybe that’ll happen overnight) but, radio is a wonderful medium and still the only form of broadcast media that you can ingest whilst doing something else.

Essentially, over my working life I’ve spent an awful lot of time sitting in my car.     I spent several years out on the road in Field Sales and would often spend 6 or 7 hours a day tootling around the UK’s vast and often congested road network.    Even now, although I work in an office monday to friday I’m still frequently out on the road, driving to work, taking my son to and from school or meeting with clients and, traditionally, throughout all of this “dead” time I’ve listened to the radio or to music through my ipod.

But, a few months ago I came to realise that I could be using that time in a far better manner, not just to transport myself from point A to point B whilst listening to the Frozen soundtrack (yes, I admit it – and I often sing along).

Initially I started downloading podcasts – there’s thousands out there that cover every subject imaginable, most of which are free.   My personal favourites are The Tim Ferris show , Brendan Burchard’s The Charged Life and Dr Drew Stephens Sales Gravy:Sales Fitness .

And, as of this week, I’ve set up a one months trial of Audible – a subscription based Audio book service run by Amazon – so now I can listen to entire books during my journeys.

It’s worth noting that I have no financial incentives to promote any of these services, I’ve just found them very interesting and extremely useful so thought I’d share my recommendations.

So, the bottom line is that now, rather than driving around listening to disney soundtracks or the sound of middle Britain complaining to Jeremy Vine, I can arrive at my destination more knowledgeable, more motivated and with a vastly improved state of mind – all key ingredients to being a brilliant leader and a highly effective salesperson.

So, don’t waste that time – until they’ve effectively invented teleportation we’ll all be driving or sitting on public transport for a long while just yet – get downloading, get listening and get more brilliant (I realise the phrase more brilliant doesn’t quite work but, so what!)

Happy listening!


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Inspired Business Development
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