Walk a mile in their shoes

Yes it’s monthly blog time again (that’ll be a month since the last one blog fans!) (or thereabouts) and this month I would like to inform you of the joys of wearing someone else’s shoes. Me, I usually wear size 10 desert boots but for the month of August will be wearing my wife’s size 4 stilettos.

Of course that’s not what it’s about, although those shoes of hers do look rather attractive. No, I mean metaphorically wearing your prospects shoes – putting yourself in their place during a cold call. Getting into their frame of mind will reward you – and your wallet – enormously.

Too many sales training programs focus on the ideal, fantasy world sales call, the one where you call a prospect at 9am on a Monday morning, do your introduction and get 20 minutes of their time to talk through well rehearsed features and benefits before closing the sale and being carried aloft through the office by your ever appreciative boss.

In the real world though it’s nothing like that. Prospects- whatever role they’re in, will be busy. They’ll undoubtedly have a number of priorities on their to do list and you can safely bet that speaking to salespeople isn’t high on that list if on the list at all.

Yes your product or service may greatly improve the quality of their life but they don’t know it yet and pushing too hard in the early stages of the conversation will invariably just lead to annoying them and you never getting the chance to demonstrate the improvements you can make.

Therefore, whenever you’re calling someone, put yourself in their shoes. Be aware of how you may come across and do your utmost to match their pitch, their tone and their speech patterns. Ask early in the conversation if it’s convenient to talk, show you care about their situation, not just your own.

The majority of people hate to receive cold calls but only because most cold callers give no consideration to the other party. Treat them like a human being and they’ll invariably reciprocate. Then you can start selling!

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