Warpit Case Study

Warpit logoWARPit is a unique, web based system that allows organisations to reduce expenditure and waste by transferring unwanted resources such as Furniture, Stationery and Computer equipment to other users that require them. Since launching the platform in 2011 they have secured a number of key clients in the public sector including Gateshead Council, The University of Southampton and Brighton & Hove Council but needed additional support to arrange meetings and to continue to promote the platform to new prospects.

We first began by sourcing relevant contacts in procurement and environmental/sustainability roles at Universities and Higher Education establishments in mainland UK, taking out existing clients and contacts that had previously had correspondence from WARPit.

These numbers were then checked against the TPS/CTPS registers to ensure compliance with the residential and corporate telephone preference service.

Prior to commencing the campaign we met with Daniel O’Connor – MD of WARPit to enable us to gather enough relevant information about the company to be able to effectively sell the concept of WARPit and to generate sufficient interest to secure an appointment. Following this initial meeting Inspired Business Development developed a strong call structure using this information which not only covered the many benefits of using WARPit but also ensured we had effective means of handling typical objections that would arise during each call.

Inspired Business Development has also been responsible for marketing WARPit using email campaigns to support the outbound calling, having written a variety of effective templates to further generate interest in their proposition.

To date, the initial trial campaign has resulted in 14 secured meetings, 9 prospects who have expressed an interest in meeting at a future date and 2 brand new clients for the business as well as a substantial amount of relevant contacts and valuable information which WARPit can use to add value to their future sales pipeline.

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