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This week’s blog is, unashamedly an opportunity to broadcast our effectiveness as an outsourced telemarketing company.     I will make no apologies for this but fully understand the subtle nuances of using business social media in terms of not using it to shout how brilliant you are from the rooftops but, as I don’t do it very often I hope you’ll excuse me on this occasion.

Last year we carried out a short telemarketing campaign for a freight and logistics company – it was a sector we’d worked in previously and, fortunately had been successful in so we were confident before we engaged with this client that we’d be able to make it work – the question was, as is often the case – would we be able to make it work fast enough for the client to be convinced that it was worth continuing to invest in?

The pilot campaign itself was spread out over the course of a week and involved targeting a large amount of businesses within their catchment area that we had identified were likely to use freight and courier services – particularly globally.

A number of qualified meetings and sales opportunities were identified, the client attended the meetings and dazzled them with his sales skills and, as a result, 2 months later the client has secured 4 new customers – from just a week of telemarketing.

This goes to show that, if there’s a market for your product or service and, with sufficient preparation and, most importantly large amounts of targeted, engaging phone calls and emails – we can and will help you generate more business.

And, as the client himself has said today

“Overall, very happy with the results. Four new customers from a week of telesales exceeded my expectations.

Look forward to working with you again in the future.”

And if you’d like us to help your business generate more sales opportunities and more new business give us a call on 0330 20 50 500



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