Website Visitor Analytics

Utilising Call Pro CRM, the industry leading CRM system for Telemarketing companies, we can offer you valuable, detailed insight into your website’s visitors – insight which can be used in combination with our outbound telemarketing services to help identify highly valuable sales opportunities – at no extra charge (Compare this to Lead Forensics who charge £150 per month for that service alone)

This will allow you to see who has visited your website, what pages they have viewed and, if they’re already including in the data we’re using for your campaign, even which company they work for!    We can then use that information that can help you to improve the customer experience of your website’s visitors and further increase your customer base and sales revenue.

By combining that information with outbound telemarketing calls, we can target your website visitors in an extremely tight time frame – they have a need for what you offer, we’ll call them and convert them into a new customer.

Call Inspired Business Development today on 0330 20 50 500 to find out more about how this highly effective lead analytics tool can help you to secure more business.




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