Appointment Setting

Every good salesperson will excel once they’re in front of a potential buyer.

He or she will know their service, business or product inside out and, this knowledge, coupled with the necessary skills to generate interest and close the sale mean that, even in todays online world, sales meetings/appointments are still a highly effective means of generating revenue for any business.

However, with the time constraints placed on many sales teams, few salespeople can dedicate the required time and resources to actually securing those appointments in the first place.

Furthermore, despite being highly efficient in a face to face business meeting, the majority of sales people will still admit that they hate cold calling – this is where Inspired Business Development, with our team of experienced appointment makers can open the doors and get your sales people where they need to be – in front of potential clients.

We follow a tried and tested process which, time and time again has been proven to work – finding buyers with the need and the purchasing power and asking the right questions to enable your sales people to visit, meet with the buyer and close the sale.

Saving you time, money and helping your salespeople to do what they do best – Selling!

So call Inspired Business Development today on 0330 20 50 500 to find out how we can help you to secure appointments with key decision makers.


Call us today and get Inspired!


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