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I’ve recently come back from an amazing but exhausting holiday/vacation in Florida.    Initially I wasn’t too keen on going, mainly because, as an owner of a small business I really didn’t want to be so far away from things for so long but, being honest, I’ve worked extremely hard this year and both my mind and body needed the rest.

Not that it was rest.   Typically on holiday I spend my time sat next to the pool with a book in one hand and a drink in the other but, for the entire two and a bit weeks in the US all we did was activities.   Theme parks, water parks, more theme parks, sightseeing – even a zip wire over a lake full of Alligators.   Didn’t have time to miss my book and drink.

Now, for anyone that’s been to the US, you’ll notice that, as a nation, as well as being great at eating, they are great at selling.   Every square space of land is filled with billboards, neon signs, rotating signs, minimum wage workers spinning notice boards round like gymnasts.    TV seems to have more commercials than it does TV shows and the radio stations bombard you with ads, infomercials, competitions and giveaways.

To be fair, that’s all more exhausting than spending two weeks walking round theme parks but, after a while, you kind of get used to it.   Companies have to sell.   Customers are the only reason they’re in business so, as we’re dwelling in a clearly capitalist society, why not let them do just that – sell.

We expect anything from the US to be loud, brash and in-your-face and that’s exactly the style that’s adopted with their sales and marketing.    It’s all about being more noticeable than your competitors.   Commercials also utilise a lot more humour than we do in the UK.   They show happy, smiling customers, healthy, energetic families and seem to try much harder to paint a picture of happiness than we do over here.

Everything is the biggest or the best or the cheapest or the most efficient – who cares if that’s not actually the case in reality – you tell your customers you’re better than your competitors, they’re more likely to come to you – then it’s just your job to ensure you meet that promise.

Bold claims drive successful companies.

It also seems as if every possible benefit is listed – nothing is hidden under a bushel.

And they have no issues with bad mouthing their competitors.   If Walmart is cheaper than a rival supermarket, you can guarantee that Walmart is going to tell you not only how cheap they are but also how expensive their competitors are.

And it works.

Yes, with our reserved, polite nature, us Brits may not adopt many of the sales strategies of our transatlantic cousins but, over time, as our culture inevitably adopts aspects of American life, maybe we’ll see more and more of these US marketing strategies seeping into Britain.

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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd


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