Why I’m pleased I smacked myself in the mouth with a piece of wood


I fully appreciate that this may be the strangest title for a blog in the history of blogs.  Although I’m sure a brief google search would give an entirely different story.   This does have a motivational slant so it’s not purely a description of a moment worthy of an episode of “You’ve been framed”

Over the course of the summer I’ve been involved in an ongoing project to renovate my garden.  When I say ongoing, this has been “ongoing” every year since I moved into the house over 13 years ago.  So definitely ongoing.    As part of this joyful experience I’ve had to dismantle my old shed which had become somewhat rotten and unstable and, a couple of weeks ago I was doing just that when, attempting to snap a rotten piece of shed, found the piece I was holding broke off somewhat easier than I was anticipating and, rather comically smashed me right in the mouth.

I say comically, and it probably was from the viewpoint of someone watching but, for me, instant pain, instant shock and the realisation that I had blood pouring from an unknown part of my face.     Covering my face with my hands I ran into the house, powered by adrenaline, to examine the potentially face-threatening wounds.

Without going into too much gory detail, for a couple of minutes I couldn’t actually see where I’d caused the damage, all I knew was that it was bleeding, from my mouth and that I could possibly have done serious damage to either my face, my teeth, my mouth or all three.

A few minutes later I began to stop looking like an extra from the Walking Dead and realised, very fortunately that I’d not damaged my teeth, the only injury being a very deep bite mark to the inside of my mouth.

So, why am I glad I smacked myself in the face with a piece of wood?  Because it could have been so much worse.  Yes I’d caused myself an injury but when you compare a bit of internal damage to the inside of my lip versus the potential of knocking my teeth out, I’d a lot to be pleased about, particularly when, after examining the piece of wood, the other side had sharp, rusty nails sticking out of it.

Now many may look at this situation and say “what have you got to be pleased about?”  after all I’ve just injured myself, caused myself a fair amount of pain and now look as if I’ve gone several rounds with Amir Khan.   But this is the entire mindset of positive thinking – something which, to succeed in sales and indeed anything in life, it’s essential to develop and maintain.     A negative mindset would cause you to focus on the bad sides of the situation but, for me, I’m literally over the moon that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

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