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There is a commonly held belief in the world of telesales & telemarketing that there are times/days/months where it’s not effective/useful to call, the theory being that the decision maker won’t be around to take the call so therefore there’s no point in calling.   Whether you deliver outbound sales and marketing calls yourself or outsource the task to a professional BPO, it’s worth bearing in mind that these opinions are likely to be held by your boss, your customers or even yourself:

(alleged) bad times for making sales and marketing calls include:

lunchtimes (ie anytime between 12-2), mondays & fridays, any period from early december to mid january, the weeks leading up to and immediately after easter and the summer holiday period (july-august)

Adding those up then, out of a potential 252 working days in a year (taking into account bank holidays) there’s 2016 hours available (based on 8 hour working days) that can, potentially be used for sales and marketing calls.

If we take out lunchtimes (ie anytime between 12-2) = 504 hours
mondays & fridays = 832 hours
any period from early december to mid january, = 144 hours
the weeks leading up to and immediately after easter = 36 hours
and the summer holiday period (july-august) = 144 hours that leaves (approximately) 356 hours in an entire year where it’s (allegedly) useful to call

This doesn’t leave us with much time to do our jobs! and, will most likely mean that our competitors are still on the phone, making sales, building contacts, generating leads – making money!!!!  money that should be in your  pockets!

From my experience – and this experience being of someone who has spent the last 20 years selling over the phone, the only bad time to call is when you know – for a fact – that the person you need to speak to won’t be there.     Yes, there’ll be times when that person isn’t around but the sensible approach is to confirm when they’ll be there – make an appointment to call back – and stick to it!

Just because your company may have meetings on a monday/friday, take long weekends, book holidays, finish early for christmas etc etc etc, it doesn’t mean that your prospects will.

Mondays and fridays are great for making appointments and meeting for the very reason that more people are in the office, having sales meetings, doing admin, catching up on office work etc

For holiday heavy periods like summer/christmas/easter that could mean that, due to a reduced workforce, the decision maker is more likely to be in their office.  The added bonus being that, if they’re in the office, they’re less likely to be harassed by colleagues etc and, therefore more likely to be responsive to your call.

Don’t look for excuses not to call – if the prospects business is open, get on the phone and make that connection!

Happy calling!

Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
Unit K9 Cradley Enterprise Centre
Maypole Fields
B63 2QB
T:01384 566 078


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