You gotta have faith

I was going to start this blog with the opening lines from faith by esteemed vocalist and car insurance nightmare George Michael but then realised its all to do with touching bodies and is hardly suitable for a sales blog so I’ll press on.

The point I’d like to make – and there is a point – is that if you work in sales or indeed have to sell anything as part of your working life, be it a product, a service or just an idea you have a far greater chance of success if you have faith.

Firstly have faith in what it is you’re selling- truly believe in it, know it inside out, completely grasp how it can help to solve a problem or improve your prospects life. From this point you won’t need to rehearse stock objection handlers or falter when questioned. You’re not acting, you truly understand your offering and the benefits it can bring.

Running a telemarketing business I have to develop faith in different clients companies every single day. I don’t get the usual honeymoon period you’d get when starting a new job, its a matter of identifying their unique selling points over a very short period of time, taking it on board and getting on the phone.

This is where the second part of the equation comes in – having faith in yourself. We all have bad days, we all lack belief at times but remind yourself of your good points, be it your persistence, your positive outlook, your personality, whatever it is there are unique points to your approach to selling that even the greatest salespeople in the world have yet to learn.

You can help to reinforce the faith by doing whatever you can to build and reinforce your existing skills. There are countless resources out there to help the salesperson succeed . Read books, subscribe to sales blogs, listen to podcasts, make it your mission to improve and be your best.

This faith will resonate in the confidence you display when selling and in your sales figures!. Believe in the product and believe in yourself , you gotta have faith!

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