You’ll only ever be as good as what you’re selling



As an outsourced Telemarketing company, my business is constantly selling different things on behalf of different clients, day in, day out, we’re wearing various metaphorical hats and having to successfully communicate the benefits of our client’s businesses to a huge variety of different decision makers in a myriad of business sectors.

Whilst we have more experience in some sectors than others, we always undertake a thorough consultation process with the client prior to starting to ensure that we have an in depth understanding of their offering and to enable us to tailor the best possible strategy to make the campaign work.

We thoroughly train and brief the team, write a number of effective, eye catching, benefit laden emails which will be used on the campaign and, as we progress, consistently analyse the stats and make improvements where necessary.

In the vast majority of cases this process works.   We’re making enough calls to the right people, with the right message about the right product.   Sales basics.

Client is happy.  Prospects are happy.  We’re happy!

But sometimes – and this is a harsh truth and a truth that is apparent with any method of sales and marketing – the strategy doesn’t work.

So, you go back to the drawing board – you pick apart every part of the strategy – are we putting in enough activity?   Do the team truly understand the offering?   Are we targeting the right people?    Are we calling at the right time?

How can we make things better?

Having identified where the improvements can be made, you make the necessary changes but still, the levels of interest are low.

Now, whilst this may not be palatable to a client – or to you or your boss if you’re selling on behalf of your business, if you’ve eliminated every other variable – ask yourself the question – if it’s not HOW I’m selling, is the problem WHAT I’m selling?

Perhaps your all singing, all dancing, brilliant product just isn’t what people are looking for.   Maybe there’s a better, cheaper, more efficient alternative out there.

Yes, as a salesperson your role is to communicate the benefits of your solution but, you’ll only ever be as good as what you’re selling.   We’re all trained to not really think about that side of things, that you should have faith in your offering and  yes, that is certainly true, but not all the time!

But if you do have a brilliant business and need a brilliant team of experienced outbound callers to help you sell it, we’d love to work with you!

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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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